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WHForster have a long history in Screen Printing constantly offering print quality & efficiency at very competitive prices, with a fast turnaround time.

Advantages of screen printing:

Of all the print production methods, Screen Printing is by far, the oldest, and until the introduction of digital was also the most cost effective. This offers high opacity colours due to the ink chemistry and can be printed on a wider range of products, glass, vinyl, textile, metals to name a few.

The Screen-Printing process sits between the digital and lithographic print disciplines, when producing in multiple quantities lithographic is the fastest and digital the slowest. For this reason, it offers an intermediate cost-effective option, with the ability to print directly onto a larger array of substrates.

Additional benefits include cost and outdoor longevity of products, as well as the ability to print onto some complex shapes and materials, please feel free to speak to our team of seasoned professionals for further information.

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Get in touch with the WH Forster team to discuss your screen printing project. 

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Screen printing could be the perfect option for your application

The team at WH Forster will quickly determine from the initial enquiry the best process to meet the products end use, and application. Screen Printing may be the best solution and offers many affordable benefits. This is also used as an additional process to our current printing processes.

Screen Printing is used to embellish Lithographic printed items using UV spot varnishes, Latex Gum and Rub silver for scratch cards etc. The inks can also be fragranced for printing bespoke scratch and sniff cards offering our customers the ability to have a unique product

Manufactured. (samples available upon request)
Rest assured whatever the print requirement we have the solution

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Screen printing - FAQ

See a selection of the most frequently asked questions relating to Screen printing at WH Forster.

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